18 Xiaomi Mi 5A Appeared With Lightweight And Long Battery Life Tagline In Official Promo

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Xiaomi Mi 5A Appeared with Lightweight and Long Battery Life tagline in Official Promo

Updated on Oct 16,2017 | by Amna Shoukat https://loremipsum.com/amna

Xiaomi Mi 5A Appeared in official promotional materials with the tagline of  “Lightweight and Long Battery Life” according to latest update Mi 5A will offer 8 days battery life and having 131.5g weight.

The smartphone has part of rumors for a long time. The Xiaomi Mi 4A was the predecessor of the Xiaomi Mi 5, the precursor came with excellent features so the phone contains all old features with the combination of new features as well.

The upcoming smartphone will have a budget-friendly price tag and it spotted on ithome.com which is a Chinese website. According to the leaked image, the smartphone will have antenna lines on top of its backside. The device will be made with a metallic body and it gives a premium feel. Apart from that, the design pattern will be similar to the previous model Redmi 4A.

The camera LED flash will be placed on the top left corner of the phone and speakers will be fixed on the bottom of the phone. The main highlight of the phone is that it will offer 8 days battery life. Usually, smartphones have 1-day battery life so the phone will have a privilege if it will offer long battery life. The device is for those people who wish to use a smartphone for unlimited time with a single charge. Their gaming, browsing and other activities will not be disturbed due to the low battery.

As per to the GizmoChina news, the promotional tagline of the Redmi 5A is “Lightweight and Long Battery Life”. The leaked poster picture reveals that the device will be powered by a Qualcomm processor and its weight will be 131.5 grams. Previous leaks inform that the device will have a 5.0 inches display and 3000 mAh battery. It will be available in two variants such as 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage and 3GB RAM with 32GB storage. Apart from previous leaks, we expect that the device will offer bigger battery. The smartphone is set to launch on October 20, 2017.

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