19 Qualcomm Files Lawsuits To Stop Production Of Apple In China

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Qualcomm files Lawsuits to stop Production of Apple in China

Updated on Oct 16,2017 | by Maqsood Ahmed https://loremipsum.com/maqsood

Qualcomm wants to ban manufacturing and sale of iPhone in China so the company filed lawsuits. It is the biggest shot by Qualcomm Company at Apple and it is a legal fight. Qualcomm is the world’s largest chip maker and the manufacturer intends to eliminate production of iPhone in China. Apple earns almost two-thirds of its total revenue from China.

According to Qualcomm’s spokeswomen, Christine Trimble, the chip maker filed lawsuits in an intellectual property court in Beijing because the company wants relief. Christine said that Apple uses technologies by Qualcomm and doesn’t pay them. Qualcomm suffered from loss and Apple shares got a rise. There are many technologies that Apple uses in its phones for improvement such as Apple Force Touch.

Apple said that these issues were never discussed by Qualcomm while both companies are in ongoing negotiation from many years. Therefore, the Qualcomm Company will fail in its latest legal effort. The chipmaker filled patents on September 29 while the court hasn’t made them public. A Chinese court hasn’t taken any action yet and this lawsuit can create many layoffs in the country.

However, after this move, Qualcomm company might help Chinese mobile makers such as Oppo, and Vivo to get and enhance their market share in the country. Meanwhile, investors are not worried but the devastation of Apple supply because they trust that Apple will find a solution immediately if it found any issue.

Apple’s production will not stop even for a single day, said by Walkley. The company can pay to Qualcomm for a short-term period because Apple will not take any risk for its production line.

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