62 IPhone 6s Saudi Arabia Price, Specs And Online Buying Offer Comparison

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iPhone 6s Saudi Arabia Price, Specs and Online Buying offer Comparison

Updated on Nov 1,2017 | by Maqsood Ahmed https://loremipsum.com/maqsood

iPhone 6s

The smartphone looks like iPhone 6 but the 3D Touch and Live Photos is an innovation. The smartphone is faster and it works as fluent as we can expect from an upgraded model. The device comes with the following specifications.

1.  4.7 inches IPS LCD Display with 3D Touch and 750 x 1334 pixels resolution.

2.  Apple  A9 Chipset.

3.  CPU  Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister.

4.  GPU  PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics).

5.  2GB RAM with 16/32/64/128 GB storage options.

6.  12 MP Primary Camera with f/2.2 lens.

7.   5 MP Selfie Camera with f/2.2 lens.

8.   Front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

9.   3.5mm headphone jack.

10.  1715 mAh battery

11.   iOS 9 Operating System

12.  143g weight and 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm dimensions.

13.   Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold


iPhone 6s Price in Saudi Arabia

A wide range of online and offline retailers are selling the iPhone 6s smartphone in Saudi Arabia. Some of these retailers are mentioned below so you can check the price of the smartphone by different stores. 

iPhone 6s at Souq Store

Nokia 6 Price at Souq Store is SAR 1470, Available in Silver, Gold, Gray, and Rose Gold colors with 2 Year Warranty.

1.  2 Year accidental damage for additional SAR 98.

iPhone 6s at Dillony Store

Nokia 6 Price at Dillony Store is SAR 1599, Available in Gold, Gray color with 1 Year Warranty.

iPhone 6s at Souqplace Store

Nokia 6 Price at Souqplace Store is SAR 1696, Available in Rose Gold color with 1 Year Warranty.

iPhone 6s at Wadi Store

Nokia 6 Price at Wadi Store is SAR 1723, Available in Gold color with 2 Year Warranty.

On the base of above listing, the iPhone 6s is available between SAR 1470 to SAR 1696 Price Range. You can buy the smartphone online from any of above-mentioned stores or visit the Saudi Arabia’s Local markets like Makkah, Madina, and Dammam for more options.

iPhone 6s Review

The iPhone 6s is improved as compared to the iPhone 6. It is faster and launches apps quickly as compared to the previous model. Apple upgraded the phone with two noticeable features let’s review the phone in details.

iPhone 6s Design and Display

The smartphone looks twin of the 2014's model iPhone 6. It has the same design, same antenna lines, and crafted with the same material aluminum. Although, the phone looks identical to iPhone 6 the company has tried to change it by improving specifications. Under the hood, there are many changes that attract Apple lovers. The framework is stronger, the processor is faster, and the camera is improved. The device looks similar to the iPhone 6 so people may get confused while upgrading.

The display of the smartphone is 4.6inch IPS LCD with 750 x 1334 pixels resolution. The display quality of the phone is excellent and users will enjoy games on it. You can enjoy more games and videos on the smartphone now. The iPhone 6s is bit heavier than its predecessor so the weight of iPhone 6s is143g while the weight of iPhone 6 is 129g.

iPhone 6s Specifications

The smartphone is powered by the updated chipset A9 and improved CPU. Apple made A9 chip is faster and offers good performance as compared to the previous model. Under the hood, there is a CPU  Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister, and GPU PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics). Thefeore, the performance of the smartphone is improved and enhanced. The 3D Touch enables users to preview pictures, email, or use various options by simply pressing on the screen. The live photo feature allows users unlock live moments in a picture.

iPhone 6s Operating System

The iPhone 6s is shipped with iOS 9 which is upgraded version of the iOS 8. The software comes with the so many new features which make it unique as compared to its predecessor operating system. The iOS 9 includes improved battery and offer faster performance.

iPhone 6s Camera

The front and back camera of the phone is enhanced rather than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6s has a 12MP rear camera with f/2.2 lens and 8MP secondary camera with f/2.2 optics. It is evident that the quality of pictures is improved as compared to the iPhone 6. The major improvement in the camera section is an 8MP front camera which allows users to capture quality photos. You can capture steady pictures of a fast-moving object. The picture quality is improved in the low light and noise has reduced.

iPhone 6s Battery

The iPhone 6 has a 1610 mAh battery but the upgraded model has an improved battery. Thus, a 1715 mAh battery keeps the smartphone up and you can enjoy unlimited games and videos. However, the battery performance of the smartphone is not satisfactory and Apple should increase batteries size of phones. Every year the company doesn’t reveal battery size of its new flagship which is very curious.

iPhone 6s Price

The standard model of the iPhone 6s was launched for USD $699 but after the launch of iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 the price of the iPhone 6s has significantly reduced. The 16GB iPhone 6s is available for approximately $400 and it can be bought from Apple-authorized stores.

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